Coupons and Discounts


(EU) 5% Discount on CyklonEbike eBikes

Mention it to the guys at CyklonEbike or type in "wrongway" if a coupon field is available on the webpage.

(EU) 5% Discount on Techlife eScooters

If applicable, type in "wrongway" coupon when ordering an eScooter from Techlife!

(EU) 5% Discount at

Get  5%  off  with  "wrongway"  coupon  on  your  next  electric  unicycle!  Applicable  for  items  not  on  discount  and  within  EU

(USA) -$30 off at Electric Unicycle Collet\ctive

Use "WRONGWAY30" coupon at checkout to get $30 off your next Electric Unicycle!

(PL) 5% Discount on Sur-Ron eBikes (in Poland)

If applicable, type in"wrongway" coupon when ordering a Sur Ron eBike from Sur Ron Poland

(PL) Discount on Insta360 cameras (in Poland)

If applicable, type in "wrongway360" when ordering a Insta360 camera in Poland.